Grow Relationships, Grow Recurring Giving


A guide to finding and keeping recurring donors. 

With the Great Transfer of Wealth on the horizon and the economic landscape in flux, nonprofits face a critical future. Amidst the shifting tides of generational wealth transfer, tumultuous markets, and economic uncertainty, now is the time for nonprofits to shore up their retention and build a pipeline for future growth. Sustaining giving, or recurring gifts, are a proven strategy to achieve success in these areas and more. 

The time to invest in your recurring giving program is now! Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire key insights from industry experts and put their lessons into practice with our informative, step-by-step guide. 

In Grow Relationships, Grow Recurring Giving, you’ll learn… 

  • Philanthropic and economic conditions driving the need for recurring giving 
  • Practical steps to find, invite, and keep recurring donors in your portfolio 
  • A checklist for building personalized experiences for recurring givers 

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